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Frequently Asked ATP Questions

Q#1: How to get a License to use ATP ?

Q#2: How to obtain ATP materials ?

Q#3: How to install the program ?

Q#4: What are the most popular ATP versions?

 How to get a License to use ATP

ATP is a royalty-free EMTP (The Electromagnetic Transients Program), but not a public domain program. Each potential user of ATP must agree not to disclose any ATP information to unauthorized persons and / or organizations. A non-disclosure agreement (ATP License Form) to this effect must be signed by each user and approved by the user group, before access to ATP information will be granted. Click here to read more about the license policy applied by the European EMTP-ATP Users Group.

 How to obtain ATP materials

Everyone who is licensed can use the program free of royalty, but the program is not in the public domain and it is not available via anonymous FTP. The program disks and printed materials (Rule Book, Theory Book, User Manuals) can be ordered from the EEUG by filling out the appropriate Order Form.

Alternatively you also have right asking that materials from any other licenced ATP users, if he or she is willing to share it with you, as it is stated in the license form: ("...The sharing of ATP materials among authorized users is encouraged. If one authorized user has newer or better materials than a second, the first user is encouraged to share with the second...").

While the second option is certainly more simple, please note that the available written ATP materials (Theory Book, Rule Book, MODELS Language Manual, ATPDRAW User Manual) are exceeding 2,000 pages, so only very few of your friends are in a position to be able to make a copy for you free. EEUG offers these materials on a reasonable price, which includes the cost of photocopying, handling and delivery. New users of ATP are advised to orer the first set of ATP materials from a regional user group.

 How to install the program

At present FAQ refers to three papers published in the EEUG News (the newsletter of the EEUG Association) about this subject. After getting permission from the publisher and the authors, the papers are going to be published here, too.

  1. Robert J. Meredith: "ATP for OS/2, Windows NT and Windows 95 on Intel PC Platforms", EEUG News, Volume 1, No. 3-4, pp. 9-15, 1995
  2. Mustafa Kizilcay: "Easy Installation of ATP on an Intel-based PC under MS DOS/MS Windows", EEUG News, Volume 1, No. 3-4, pp. 16-17, 1995
  3. László Prikler: "Running Salford ATP under Windows 95", EEUG News, Volume 3, No. 1, pp. 20-23, 1997

 What are the most popular ATP versions?

  • Intel 80x86 PC


    • Salford ATP running under MS-DOS/Win3.1/Win95
      ATP compiled and linked with the Salford Fortran compiler. This version is running in DOS mode under Salford DBOS extender.
    • Watcom ATP running under WinNT/Win95/OS/2
    • GNU/Linux
    • GNU/MingW32


  • Dec-Alpha

About Us

This site has been established for the users of the royalty-free ATP version of the Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP). The ATP license is free for nearly everyone accepting the rules expressed in written form when filling the license form.

The site is maintained by the Europan EMTP-ATP users group. There are other related web-sites:

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User support is available through two mailing lists:

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EEUG-L for members of the users group

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