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One Day EEUG Course 20016 in Birmingham

Effects of long HV Cables in Transmission Systems and their Analysis with EMTP-ATP

Organized by Network Engineering department of National Grid, UK and European EMTP-ATP Users Grouop Association

Lecturers: Marta Val Escudero, EIRGRID, Professor Mustafa Kizilcay, University of Siegen


Two EEUG Courses in 2015

The EEUG meeting 2015 in Grenoble was followed by a one day course on 16th September, 2015.

  • Session 1: Transformer inrush: importance of Point-On-Wave switching and Residual Flux, held by A. Manunza, M²EC
  • Session 2: Modelling of generator and automatic controllers for transient and stability analysis , held by Drs. T.-T.-Ha Pham and D.Penkov, Schneider Electric

Additionally there was a two days beginners course

Introduction in EMTP-ATP/ATPDraw for simulation and analysis of Power Systems

Courses Objectives: The objective of this course is to give to beginner participants a good first hands-on experience on EMTP-ATP and an overview of the EMTP-ATP capabilities. The course is based on the usage of EMTP-ATP demonstrating concepts and teaching through practical study cases.

Main topics:

  • Introduction of modeling and simulation with EMTP ATP
  • Introduction to EMTP-ATP models and applications
    • Sources & Rotating machines (motor, generator)
    • Conductor (underground cable and overhead line)
    • Transformer (HV/MV, MV/LV)
    • Circuit breaker, switch, contactor
    • Load
    • Power electronics
    • Advanced functions with MODELS
  • Practical study cases
    • Short-circuit analysis
    • Motor starting analysis
    • Transformer inrush
    • Basic usage of MODELS language

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